A bit of a No No day. Its wet. Apart from  louis walks not a lot hapeneing.

Mavis  likes to set herself  goals . Example at malvern last year she said I  will be here next year. So this year she said what is my goal for next year. I said why not make it back here again next year. Ok she said. We were  watching the Country group at the time.

l said Ok  and me, well Ill make a pledge to. We will be here and I WILL Learn a Song and Play it Here. Since my heart attatck this year my  guitar practice took a nose dive. So this week I am back with a vengance. New Guitar - Copy

My fingers have got soft again so at the moment They are sore again. But  a pledge is a pledge. I have been practicing several times a day all week. Who knows maybe one day I can upload me to you tube. At the moment if I did that youtube would shut down lol.

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