Blood check day. As usual we arived early hopeing to get seen , but no luck running late again. Mavis is convinced her count is high and that they w ill cancel chemo on Friday. So its a waiting game.

After a spot of lunch she went out  into the garden to do some weeding. I recon it was just to pass the time. I looked into the shed with an eye to  declutter. But to be honest. I didnt know where to start so sadly i didnt.


!0 past 5 no phone call so  blood count is either ok or they are going ahead anyway. So tomorrow  visit oncologist for  3 monthly chat. Then Friday Chemo. And if she feels upto it perhaps we will visit  some friends on Saturday. we shall see.

I ordered a sports lumber support belt. That came today  Ive had it on for a couple of hours now. Its a bit uncomfortable but it seems to help the back. More  time to judge if its  to  be resigned to the back of the draweer with all the other  junk that dont work.

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