993390_169705956550341_1000308068_nIts a trip to chemo. Mavis said lets get there early we might get seen. I said No Chance. A its friday B its an after lunch appointment. But hey Ho Off we go. As soon as we booked in it was obvious that they were running late No surprise then. Our 2 pm appointment dragged on and on and on. 10 past 3 we were called in. This week we had a trainee nurse being supervised doing the business. Shame ,she did ok but so slow. And she was a bit rough. Mavis  said the pic line is being pulled out. So the sister checked it  and agreed it was out about 5cm but was happy  to continue. Mavis had to take a couple of pills to  alleviate the reaction she had last week. So by the time we were conected up to  chemo it was nearly 3.45. So what was supposed to be an half hour treatment this week wasnt. WE finally  got out at 20 to 5. Mavis was not feeling to good,which was worrying because we planned to visit friends. But the reaction last friday was not good because  shee slept nearly all day saturday and to be fair she hasnt been right all week. So we will see what she is like tomorrow.

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