First  re  arrange my eye test. Its next week now. so thats sorted. I need a bit of shopping mavis said. Ok where shall we go. Tankerton. Ok so off we go. Err! we could go to sainsburys she said. Ok a change of direction  to Sainsburys. later would it be to much to go to  Wincheap. No  Ok  another change of direction its only 13 miles in the other direction. While we are  this way we could go to Lidls she said . if you insist I said, another change. No  I know we can go to Aldi`s Oh for christ sake make up your mind. Where the hell are we going  to go then I am completely lost now. Shopping  is usually a chore but with Mavis getting there  is a Surprise.

Those of you  following my Puzzle each day  some have asked is it available on ipad. At this moment no its not. however  it is being looked into. I have spent some time this morning  searching  for a program that will let me do the same thing as the current program. They are few  on the ground. Although  there are several  out there they dont do what I do already.

I did down load one . But after  that I can see it  wouldnt let me make my own puzzles. Not  untill I paid to upgrade it. So I paid to go premium. I tried it out  on my ipad. OK  it worked. But OH SOOO  touchy and  so small. But Ok it worked. Then came the test. Share it with friends it said. OK  , there is the rub. It only works  to a designated  person. There was no  common link to publish. On top of that ive sent a sample to myself. That was half an hour ago. Derrrr!! where has it gone? I cant find it. Whats more its disapeared from the ipad? So.!

I hope you will be patient with me and forgive me If I dont persue this angle at the moment. I will try it again  but I dont hold faith in it.


Morning all. It’s a little after 5 am. Another bad night with louis. He had the smallest taste of  a chocolate biscuit last night. within  half an hour he was going mental whining and yelping running  round in circles and clawing the door to get out. he wanted grass again. Eventually he came in and settled down. But he has been wimpering on and off most of the night. Both of us have been awake with him. But around 4.30  am he was in a bad way again so   nothing for it. I had to take him out. he found the nearest patch of grass and just gobbled it up.. But  well i was wide awake now. nothing for it but stay up. mavis made a cup of tea then went back to bed. me i am  up now and Louis is still whingeing. We have got to make sure he can’t get near chocolate ever again. he will even get  empty wrappers from the waste bin and lick any  off . So now we must make sure he can’t  get at them. It’s no use shouting at him bless him. It’s not his fault its down to us to make sure that he has no access to any  sort of chochy.

I know who will be crashed out  on the sofa this afternoon and it wont just be louis. I will be fighting him for best cushion.


Mavis finally dragged me out  to walk louis in our old haunt Tankerton. We headed for Faversham but the road was closed. With Louis panting like mad we arrived at  the slopes. Barking like a lune he arn about. A little bit of shopping in the local shops and then a detour  off to B and Q for a new rake. I broke the old one last week.  It was bright out but that breeze was strong on the seafront so  we headed into the high street out the wind.


A trip to  Hospital again, Mavis  has her 3 monthly scan. It’s usually a time when  we all sit in the waiting room talking quietly  to ourselves. But today was refreshing , it was quite busy and there was a man  who was the soul of the party . He was joking and talking and we all joined in. Instead of the miserable hour and a half or more sitting in silence we all had a good laugh, We put the country to rights sorted all the world problems. And wished each of  us good luck as their turn came and went.

On the way home I committed the cardinal sin. At the junction  outside the hospital Mavis was looking left and I tried to see past her head and unconsciously pulled forward I didn’t see the car speeding  up on my right. Its got a bit of a bend in it. I  just hit the brakes dead. Mavis was not best pleased. It woke me up to. Getting old me thinks.

I took my kindle to read but the battery was flat getting old ?? whats next I ask.

All we need now are good results from the scan and we will be happy again.


Up early today got to be at the Garage by 8 am. Dreaded MOT Day. I arrived at  7:45 it was all  closed. little by little the staff arrived.  I booked it in and around 8:15 they took  my baby in, up on the ramp it went I watched for a few minutes . But then I went for a walk. after about  3/4 of an hour I got back. Just in time to see my baby being driven back to the parking lot. I  ambled in and was greeted by the nice receptionist. All done she said. I waited for the BUT! It didn’t come . No problems she said only  £45. I  paid up and happily drove home.

Its also Refuse day I was happy to see it went, except for a biscuit wrapper and a crisp pkt. They  refused to take it and so it was tossed back into the now empty bin. How pedantic is that. I picked them up and tossed them in the other bin for next weeks land fill bin..

As it’s a nice day I  decided to  have a look at  a set of  our garden lights . Its 3 big  domes that change colour. but lately only 2 have been working and not very good at that. So  tool box out and set too. The first one I dismantled was really heavy. Gosh I was gob smacked when I  got it open. It was completely full   with  dirt and mud. When I washed it off the light was actually working all the time but buried in  mud you couldn’t see it. I think it was an ants nest  built inside it. After  cleaning the other 2  all I need now is some sun to charge it up and check it  tonight.


There we were this afternoon both  fast asleep . Mavis in her recliner me on the sofa louis on the mat. Telly on no one watching. When ring ring   louis up barking  doorbell going. Who is it. I open the door and its the man who was going to clear my pond last week. As the weathers good today  he has come straight from another job. I showed them what  we wanted. It took them about  20 mins to  empty my overgrown pond and dispose of the contents. By the time I  next looked there was about a foot of water left but no plants. There were several frogs and even a little tiny light  grey mouse.who scuttled away under a big stone and continued to watch  his home being destroyed. Same with the frogs. I did feel  bad about that but I am sure they will find there ay up the road a bit where there is a nice pond for them to move to. By the time they had finished  the walled area where my pond was ,is now  a leveled off dirt filled area ready for some nice top soil which they are going to  do on Wednesday  for me. Then  we can or rather mavis will plant it up. Thats another area sorted. Fortunately there were no longer any fish in it.IMG_0001This is what the overgrown pond was like this morning.IMG_0142This is after the pond was cleared just  a bit of water to drain. So  watch this space.


Mavis and I  were looking at the total number of  visitors to our combined web sites today and I was amazed. Just over 224 Thousand combined hits. Of which 160,000 + is mavis`s.Wow thank you Guys and Gals.

Well the appointment  for Maves Chemo today was a bit emotional. So many lovely  Nurses all came to see her  because it is her last  session   from this latest  chemo. Its been a long haul , twice every week since March. But now we get a break.

I managed to get my blood test done at last. So I must book the diabetic clinic. For me I  think its a waste of time. But My GP  has told me off  for missing my last session.

Thats about it for today

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