IMG_0001Ive started the procedure to transfer my domain name to a new host. Ive not done this before Its a bit daunting. But  I am fed up with  my current host. Its over a week now and they still have not resolved my problem with FTP. Ive never liked the system so now its S..t or bust as they say.

Ive just had a word with our  window cleaner. He also does garden work. Give me a price to  completely  empty my pond and start again. So  thats next saturday. Its not a job I want to tackle and its too much for mavis. There was fish in it but I am not sure if  they are still alive.After some discusison we decided to  change it to a raised little garden.

Its amazing how it takes a week trying to  get your problem solved without  success. But when you threaten to take your business elsewhere your problem gets elevated to management level and with the continued  threat how it gets sorted straight away

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