Its been so hot today. mavis wanted something to do . Lets tidy the shed she said. I said its to hot

She didnt believe me.IMG_0139

Its 41.2 outside I said.But she insisted. What else can a man do. I know dispose of  the stuff she puts outside.

I am having serious problems with my new web host. the last contact I had said they would pass my querry to  a senior Tech. and get back to me in 2 to 4 hours. That was 20 hours ago. Despite a rocket up their rear they continue to ignore me. So anyone contemplating useing iPage for their hosting be aware. It looks like all the negative feedback on line is true.

On top of that I took a phone call this afternoon. hello its barclays security here. In response to your recent complaint. Yes I said its over a month since I wrote to them. He said before I can discuss this with you I need you to confirm some security questions.  ALARM BELLS !!!

I said sorry but I am not prepared to answer anything over the phone. Thats ok  I understand he said. I will  write to you and you can phone the number on the letter.

I felt  bad after but barclays dont normally ring you do they.

Tomorrow its going to be colder and wet. What a climate. Bad news about the 100 car pile up on Sheppey Bridge today. But  how fast must you be going  in thick fog to leave a 50 yard skid mark  the police said in the interview. TOO bloody fast  is my thinking. One woman said they ought to do something about it. ERR!! Slow down in fog might help.


Would you believe it My web host sent me a survey. How did I rate their Services and would I recomend to a friend. £ questions After I  told them exactly what I thought of them  they closed the survey and I didnt get to answer the other 2 questions.

watch this space.

maves blog


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