I was hoping the gardener might turn up  today as its a lot brighter out. But I  he didn’t. Oh well  we keep the pond for another week.

Mavis is tired today it’s that lag after chemo on friday. It slowly catches up with her. Only one more in this series and she gets a rest.

During the past week I’ve had some chest pains and shortness of breath. I usually rest untill it goes away. Tonight for no apparent reason I got chest pains on  both sides and very short of breath. All I had done was the washing up. I  took a couple of  puffs from my GTN spray and sat down it cleared shortly after. I  surfed and found  that it can take 18 months for all the troubles to go away after a stent. But  much to my surprise many people complain of back ache since the stent which they didn’t suffer  from before. Blimey I wonder if that’s my problem I’ve had terrible back pain  this past month or so. I know I had problems before but I thought that was sorted after acupuncture.

I will take notes I see the heart  consultant in about a months time.

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