Morning all. It’s a little after 5 am. Another bad night with louis. He had the smallest taste of  a chocolate biscuit last night. within  half an hour he was going mental whining and yelping running  round in circles and clawing the door to get out. he wanted grass again. Eventually he came in and settled down. But he has been wimpering on and off most of the night. Both of us have been awake with him. But around 4.30  am he was in a bad way again so   nothing for it. I had to take him out. he found the nearest patch of grass and just gobbled it up.. But  well i was wide awake now. nothing for it but stay up. mavis made a cup of tea then went back to bed. me i am  up now and Louis is still whingeing. We have got to make sure he can’t get near chocolate ever again. he will even get  empty wrappers from the waste bin and lick any  off . So now we must make sure he can’t  get at them. It’s no use shouting at him bless him. It’s not his fault its down to us to make sure that he has no access to any  sort of chochy.

I know who will be crashed out  on the sofa this afternoon and it wont just be louis. I will be fighting him for best cushion.

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