First  re  arrange my eye test. Its next week now. so thats sorted. I need a bit of shopping mavis said. Ok where shall we go. Tankerton. Ok so off we go. Err! we could go to sainsburys she said. Ok a change of direction  to Sainsburys. later would it be to much to go to  Wincheap. No  Ok  another change of direction its only 13 miles in the other direction. While we are  this way we could go to Lidls she said . if you insist I said, another change. No  I know we can go to Aldi`s Oh for christ sake make up your mind. Where the hell are we going  to go then I am completely lost now. Shopping  is usually a chore but with Mavis getting there  is a Surprise.

Those of you  following my Puzzle each day  some have asked is it available on ipad. At this moment no its not. however  it is being looked into. I have spent some time this morning  searching  for a program that will let me do the same thing as the current program. They are few  on the ground. Although  there are several  out there they dont do what I do already.

I did down load one . But after  that I can see it  wouldnt let me make my own puzzles. Not  untill I paid to upgrade it. So I paid to go premium. I tried it out  on my ipad. OK  it worked. But OH SOOO  touchy and  so small. But Ok it worked. Then came the test. Share it with friends it said. OK  , there is the rub. It only works  to a designated  person. There was no  common link to publish. On top of that ive sent a sample to myself. That was half an hour ago. Derrrr!! where has it gone? I cant find it. Whats more its disapeared from the ipad? So.!

I hope you will be patient with me and forgive me If I dont persue this angle at the moment. I will try it again  but I dont hold faith in it.

2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Shopping is not a chore for me Ray…………as I do it on my own, and usually there and back within the hour. I can’t be doing with the distraction. lol

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