A bit shattered today. It started about  1/4 to 3 this morning. mavis was up and putting louis in the Garden. He has belly ache again. Back to bed she came  a few mins later whimper whimper again. He wants to go out again. So I  got up , he eats grass and we don’t have any. So  its get dressed and take him up the lane. It was a full moon  outside. So coat on  shoes on and lead on . I was thinking  it could be dangerous  in the lane I have dark  trousers and a navy  blue coat. Not the brightest of things to be seen in ,in the dark because by the time we hit the lane the full moon was hiding behind thick cloud. But  up we went. He is very particular about his grass ,he wont eat any old grass it has to be a certain  kind. But  anyway we found  some. After about  half an hour we were back indoors, Hopefully  this would be enough. But no sooner had my coat  got hung up  when he was whimpering again. I know. a Bisodol  tablet. Whoof he crunched that  and sat looking for more so I gave him 3 . he seemed to  settle. I was now wide awake  , he slunk off back  to the bedroom to be close to mavis. i  lay on the sofa . I could not  drop off  for ages. Mavis came and woke me up  about  1/4 to 7 . I was froze. She insisted I go back to bed. So  I tried. I managed about an hour. because about  1/4 past 8 I was up again having breakfast. Louis was settled. After breakfast  I took him out again . He has all these packets of chews that he eats all day. he constantly begs for  them most he eats straight away some he hides for a midnight  splash. But  I took  all of them and put them in the cupboard. NO Chews for you for at least a day I said to him  . Well its late afternoon now. Ive had about  an hour and a half nap to catch up. Louis is still alive and well without  a chew. So maybe he wont get belly ache tonight. He has eaten   lunch of a small tin of Pate which he whoofs down followed by some of his favourite cheese.

 He was laying  beside me while I  rubbed his tummy flat on his back legs in the air. ( spoilt little sod ) Mavis said  you do love him dont you. Yep love him to bits but at  1/4 to 3 in the morning dont ask me that question.

 Anyway Mavis  says she feels a lot better today after a week of tired and lifeless days she starts  chemo  tomorrow  again so  we can look forward to another week of no energy and sleeping  lots. But its the last one  now untill  we have to  find 5th line chemo where or what  or when ever that may be. But  if  she follows trend she may get about 9 or  10 months before we reach that stage and about  a year before  we have to  repeat this process again.

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Off to our usual hospital outing  today. For Mavis  Blood check. But today I had to get mine done. because I was told off by my Doctor for missing my  6 monthly  Diabetic checkup. So I dropped Mavis off at one end of the hospital while I carried on to the the other end. Its a mile long walk along corridors to reach Heamatology. But when I  opened the door I was not prepared for   what was in there. It was packed. People were standing . So I took my ticket and waited by the door. The indicator said 61 , my ticket said 71. I  counted the people and guessed which were couples and which were singles. I thought  I was in for a long wait. But Nothing seemed to be happeneing. When the door of one of the 2 rooms opened and a nurse pushed a patient out in a  chair. Then  she disapeared.

Eventually she returned and stood talking to the woman again. Then  she went  in and closed the door. It seemed ages still nothing. Then I overheard  one couple saying its no good looking at the counter. We should be the next one in and Ive been here 45 minutes and that number hasnt changed yet. I thought he has been waiting 45 minutes and there are all these other people before me. I could be here for at least another hour. So I stood up screwed my ticket up tossed it in the bin and left. I got a few strange looks  but tough. I made my way back to mavis`s ward and she was not in sight so I guessed she was in with the nurse. Sure enough  she emerged all done she said  so we left. We are waiting for that  yes or no call and I have just checked my watch its 3 mins to  5 , No call so bloods must be OK ready for the last chemo on friday. I will  try  mine again on friday.


Been a bit laid back today. Did a couple of Puzzles. Updated one of my web pages. Watched with interest  the raising  the Concordia. mavis  is getting  better today.

Been out with Louis  for his walks . Even he is subdued today.

Shame about Billy Connelly.  No  new Chest Pains for me either. Its been wet . Dry. Dark. Bright. Grey and Blue skys. Its not sure what  to do.

Thats about it. I said its been a laid back day.

Got to sort a Puzzle for tomorrows Page.

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I was hoping the gardener might turn up  today as its a lot brighter out. But I  he didn’t. Oh well  we keep the pond for another week.

Mavis is tired today it’s that lag after chemo on friday. It slowly catches up with her. Only one more in this series and she gets a rest.

During the past week I’ve had some chest pains and shortness of breath. I usually rest untill it goes away. Tonight for no apparent reason I got chest pains on  both sides and very short of breath. All I had done was the washing up. I  took a couple of  puffs from my GTN spray and sat down it cleared shortly after. I  surfed and found  that it can take 18 months for all the troubles to go away after a stent. But  much to my surprise many people complain of back ache since the stent which they didn’t suffer  from before. Blimey I wonder if that’s my problem I’ve had terrible back pain  this past month or so. I know I had problems before but I thought that was sorted after acupuncture.

I will take notes I see the heart  consultant in about a months time.

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yesterday was Chemo day. It  went well. No problems with pic line. And for a change appointment was on time. Booked in around 12.45. In the chair by 1 pm all done and dusted by 3.30 back on the road home.

Today the gardener was supposed to come and clear my pond. But as its been raining hard I guess he decided that maybe tomorrow may be a better  day.

Mavis is doing OK today no ill  effects . I got my  new batch of pills  and pinned to them a note from my GP. Telling me off  because I have not seen my Diabetic nurse for a year. And that I was to make an appointment asap. Personally I think it’s a waste of time. I get a blood check get weighed. sometimes I get my feet checked for Peripheral Neuropathy. and invariably more bloody pills.  I’ve just lost interest since my heart attack. I just have had to many other things to think about this year. twice a week since march this year  sometimes 3 times for mavis chemo and checks my heart attack.

Its been too much. On top of that I’ve just not felt  like it. I know I am  a lot better after the stent. But I am certainly not  back to where I was before the attack. But then i am a bit older. All that takes its toll.


Not  too bad today at least its not cold even if it is damp.

Ive done my Refuse chore this morning. Ive been  changing the batteries in  some of the garden lights. Big problem over time is rust on the connections. So a bit of sandpaper and vaselline helps.

Come the weekend I have a man who is coming to  clear my pond out. We decided to  do away with it and turn the area over to plants and a small raised flower bed.  It started life as a pond when we moved here we brought  a load of fish with us, They just grew in numbers. Now its mainly a home for frogs. Well sorry mr Frog your free lodgings are up.


Well early  off to  Hospital.  Because it is only a short visit today we decided to park in the car park. So I dropped mavis off  at her entrance. Then I found a space. Parked up and read my book. Mavis phoned me when she was done. Simple!.

next we called in  shopping because we forgot some stuff yesterday. Popped into  their  restaurant and had a spot of lunch. Saves  cooking when we get home.

Ive been working on I think its about done now.

Whew! mixed in with all the Junk mail  ready for shredding was  my new tax disc…

5.30 No phone call so Bloods are OK

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