because WordPress has slowed up so much the past few days and I seem to have lost  some features. I  tried a few other blogs today but  to be honest they are not so good. But  when it takes 3 or 4 minutes to load up and maybe not even then is it worth keeping. Normally when I  click a shortcut or link if it takes 10 seconds to load I am off to somewhere else.

My neighbour  came round  and asked me to help him  . he doesn’t use the internet. I gave him a laptop a few months ago . But he hasn’t even opened the case yet. He lost his wallet  and today he needed to replace his driving licence on-line. So we did. £80 OMG that’s extortionate. he laughed and said do I have a choice. Anyway that’s sorted for him now.

A few phone calls for mavis , a few worried friends. But we are not ready to throw the towel in yet. i was daydreaming  while dozing  on the sofa . I wondered what sort of life I may have had if i had not met Mavis. I am certain it would not have been happier. The 4th June 1957 that’s a date that I will remember  for ever it was around 7 pm. I and 3 friends had been  invited to play  the group of girls at tennis. What did I know about tennis. Nothing.  But earlier in the week one of  the girls was keen on me. She sent a message via her friend to ask if I would walk her home after a youth club meeting. I  declined. Not because I didn’t like her, but  Girls well not just at the moment. I had my motorbike who needed girls.

But one of my friend fancied this girl and when he heard that she fancied me. he got a bit stroppy. Threatened me to leave her alone or else. Now that was a challenge not to resist. So  the rest of the week my other pal and I tormented  this guy. . Right up to the saturday. When I relented and said just because we were mates I would let him make the first move. Well it worked she knew I wasnt interested and  they ended up  going out together. But me well at the tennis match we were  each paired off  with a partner. Mavis was mine. And that as they say is history. We have been together all this time. She has been my inspiration, my reason  to be. My Rock, best friend. The most wonderful thing that could ever have happened in my life. I was so lucky to  have her in my life. So  for me when day dreaming today I am certain life would have been SOOO  much different if I had been paired with  someone else that day. Bless her.

Wow. look at me all nostalgic. Well I love you Mavis. XX


It’s off to the Diabetic clinic. Sitting in the waiting  room people were talking , Oh  she is running a bit late up to  30 mins behind ,  then 40 mins , then one turned to me and said what time are you.

Ok she is 50 mins late. I said 12 years I’ve been coming here and she has NEVER been on time once. The man next to me said If he had known she was this late he would have left. I said If I had known I would not have booked in. But  eventually it was my turn.

Short and sharp  in and out that’s how I like it. Step on the scales. HM OK. Your records show  Blood sugar Fine cholesterol 3,1 fine, Kidney function Fine. She gave me a bottle  fill it and leave it before you  go. As you are doing so well  I  don’t need to see you  for a year.

Good because I wasnt planning a return visit before that anyway.  As for the bottle that’s in my Drawer  ready for  September.2014.

Next it was off to Tesco. It was manic. 30  tills and 9 of them closed queues  every where. Thats customer Service , more waiting.  Whats up with these people do they think we have nothing better  to do than stand about waiting for bad service. mavis said its our fault  we didn’t have to shop there.

Another Boquet of Flowers for Mavis arrived today..



i expect like lots of us today we were up early ,not sleeping due to the Storm. i woke up first at 1/4 to 2 am with the wind . I dropped off  again but was awake at 3. mavis said what time is it. 3 am I said. how do you know she asked. I said because the standby light on the TV has just  come on it was bright and woke  me up.  It’s always on  she said. I had to explain that  at 3 am every morning it searches for automatic updates so it  flicks off and on. She didn’t believe me so I put the light on ,there you are  its 3 am. She didn’t know it did that.

I  couldn’t  drop off again so  tossing  about i  eventually got up around 5 and made a cup of tea. I had to rescue the refuse bin from  over the road on its side spewing  paper everywhere. As soon as I  got back in , it was blown away again so I  dragged it  back in the garden and tucked it  away.  I took louis for a walk around 6 am Up the lane dodging debris and puddles and passing  traffic.

There was a few fences damaged and bits off trees  everywhere.  We didn’t have too much damage but  garden  chairs  and 2 oblesques  broken   just simple things, lucky really.

it’s passed now  its just a bit blustery out but dry. I wanted to take photos earlier, but  holding on to louis while dodging puddles and cars and holding  a camera was not easy. At one point louis had a leg cocked for a pee but the wind blew him over. he looked at me  shocked. I had to stand in front of him to shield him so he could balance on 3 legs. Mavis had a good lay in  untill 9 am, most unusual for her.

DSCF7151A lovely Blue sky after the Storm.


Its been a funny old day but  its over now. Tomorrow  it should be better. I have diabetic clinic in the morning.  Its almost a year since my last visit so I expect to get an ear bashing, but I dont feel I get any benefit from it.  Pills pills and more pills , Fed up with pills. So if  thats on offer tomorrow she can shove it.



Come on Dad its time for Walkies

We were going  away this weekend to the last rally of the year. But The weather is not that great and the wind is high . With worse to come so  we cancelled. Its got to be good weather for Mavis to go . She has problems breathing  in thhe cool windy  days and being unsteady on her  pins is not good in  windy  conditions. So al in all she is better off  tucked up indoors in the warm.

Ive been out with louis but its uncomfortable outside. Its spitting in the wind lots of  stuff blowing  along the lane. It does annoy me when I walk  up the lane in the mornings to find  some lazy shits have opened the car window and tossed their shit out. Mc Donalds cartons, Pizas, fish and chip papers ,beer cans. All in the hedgerows. I would like to pick it all up and dump it in THEIR gardens.  Recently  I saw 2 fridges dumped in the lane. Cars had to  drive round them  how bad is that.  I walk up  with louis and the horses are  feeding  and looking over the hedges at me oblivious of the rubbish all around them. Shame we have so many stupid selfish people around us.

Mavis was asleep  this afternoon  so I watched Star Wars Pt 2 ? The special effects are brilliant. But  my thoughts strayed to  all that time in the future UFO aliens will we still be killing each other in the centuries to come will we never live in peace. Life is so precious. We only get one chance at it.


On a light-hearted note this morning, Mavis said she was going to  gather all her medicines together. She pointed to  some on the shelf, whats that one she asked me. Thats Pledge I said. Silly Billy  ,well it says on the tin cleans and removes Dust. That made her laugh.

I am pleased my web page is up this morning so I hope by now you found the puzzle.

I’ve sorted a nice christmas special puzzle It just needs a bit of work on at the moment. Watch this space.

The day  has been hard ,we have chatted about the results yesterday. We have to  be positive, we don’t do  doom and gloom. So  for now its upwards and onwards.



A bright sunny start to today.  WE are off to  town. I pick up my new glasses and then up to hospital for Mavis scan results. This is always a nail-biting day . We are on tenterhooks until we see Dr Cominos. But we hope the results are as bright as the morning.


Its been a long day. I  got my new glasses. But I got more than I bargained for later. As usual Oncology was running Late. As soon as we  went in after the first greeting  Doctor said do you want me to  cut straight to the scan results. immediately my heart sank. Yes please we said. Well  you have growth in all  existing areas. No New areas are  affected. But she said as far as she can see they all look the same as before. But  the measurements contradict that. So  on leaving we were both  despondent. It’s not the news I hoped for. But mavis said she knew it wasnt  going to be good news because her pain levels have increased. But we must be positive. make each day count. Still  make every day  count.

Its watch this space.