After louis early walk. When I got back Mavis was already  working in the Garden. As I promised to  cut back some of the bigger stuff. I got out the big loppers and set to. The idea was to shred  it and put it  back on the garden a bark. But as it rained heavy overnight  it was to wet to shred so A few journeys back and forth to the skip and the first  one was down and disposed of. What next I asked Ok that one next ok. Soon that was also  down and dumped. I had to change the fittings on the hose it was leaking. As I pulled the hose from  the tap  I got soaked, the back pressure in the hose came back and soaked me.IMG_0147

Next I decided to  change  batteries in a couple of solar lights as they work but  are not lasting.

With all that done it was back to a relaxing day.


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