If any of you have a back problem You may find this helpful.

I have had problems for  about 2 years now. Ive had physio and acupuncture but  they were  only  short lived. I found this at Amazon about 6 weeks ago. I dont  wear it all the time. But  If I have any lifting  or walking to do. Its been a real benefit. Its not cured my back but I have a lot less pain now.

One of our better decisions was to  re turf the small bit in the garden for louis. We did have loads of grass but   gravelled it for ease . But  recently getting up in the wee hours to let him out was not funny. The thought of that when the snow and frost is about was too much hence the re turfing. Louis has just been and pd on it thats 3 times now so its not been a waste of time.

Mavis said she wanted some conkers. As we walked louis this morning we passed a house with a big conker tree in the garden, So I cautiously walked up the path collecting any that had fallen I got to almost a dozen  when she hissed at me thats enough come on out of there. Nothings to much trouble for  Mavis ,now she should be spider free.

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