I was looking  to get a new camera. Because mavis said my pics were not that good. But today when I said I found a candidate she said perhaps I should try different settings on the one I have. So  for the moment a new one is on hold. I will  try ALL the settings  and see what happens.

Tax reminder is in for the Van. Renew Home insurance is in, annual  camping  is in. A busy month for money.

I can see lots of memories on Facebook of the party. Glad it all went well.


I have taken loads of pictures using all the settings Ive put them  through Photoshop but  they are still not brilliant.

I went on-line and did a  comparison test. I found the report said 5 reasons to keep mine but  a gobsmacking 29 reasons to  update to  the fuji model.

I have not been  in this quandary for a long time.

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