Mavis has done her Interview on Radio kent early  this morning. discussing the Governments decision to  change Mesothelioma compensation.

If they had meso they wouldnt keep  mucking about  with us. But then thats what governments do .

On a lighter note Linda put this on FB and I had to put it here. We are about to unleash Louis on the public.

1374247_10202193646342171_457489244_n1395874_10202193644342121_1665294547_nSee he`s not so bad. Quite well behaved. Tracy took him for a walk.

We are off  shopping shortly.

We had a bit of rain while shopping but its OK now.

I see we have a new way ofpaying on pay pal. I bought stuff in the past and as soon as you click  pay button its done. Now I clicked pay confirm. And I thought it was done and dusted and paid for. Only to see on the confirmation that I have chosen to Pay after I receive the goods. Not sure I like that idea. I like to  know Ive paid up.

Oh dear! Emerdale! Theyre all DOOOOMED ALL DOOOOMED.


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