I started  out  today with an overlaid morning. I woke up it was day light  Mavis was up as usual but no sign of louis. I glanced up at the clock through  sleepy eyes. OMG its 20 past 10. have I over laid or not.. jumping out of bed stumbled into the bathroom. A quick breakfast 2 cups of tea later and louis and I were up the lane. With  all the rain during the night  most of the lane was under water. Walking in the middle of the road was fine  until a car aproached. Most were conciderate and slowed down. Some enjoyed the spectacle of  spraying  water 5 or 6 feet either side up into the trees.

One guy was actually  grinning at me as he swept pass Louis and I had nowhere to jump. So  I  sheilded him with my back turned. You can imagine what I said. Oh no you cant.

This afternoon  louis has been crossing his legs because we have had torrential rain  for ages. 5 pm and its let up. So we dashed out again. A short walk and a quick pee ( Louis not me ) we just made it back when the heavens opened up again.

my pics


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