A de clutter day . Mavis has been sorting   clothes. I would say old clothes but some were brand new not worn but  because they don’t fit out they go. We took that  lot 4 black sacks full to the clothes bank.

Me I’ve been sorting my  File boxes. Stuff I’ve kept  from work all my promotion letters  etc. Loads of old Tax letters all gone . in The Bin. Got a small pile for shredding. Sorted out my  drawers yesterday of all the chargers and leads . all gone into a bag and in the shed. Next stop  in the skip. I’ve still got loads to sort in  the den but I will work my way through it.

Later today I’ve got to  top up OIL, Water Coolant ,screen wash in the car.


I’ve been down  to the car First top up washer bottle ,almost empty, Next top up coolant, wow really Low. Next oil, yes you guessed it that was low also. But I couldn’t get the cap off. back to the shed  right a big pair of steelsons is what I need. That shifted it. Only thing is I think I may have overfilled it. It started ok and sounded better. Its been sounding  tinny recently  untill it warms up but  sounded fine.. I recon it needed some oil.


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