A bright sunny start to today.  WE are off to  town. I pick up my new glasses and then up to hospital for Mavis scan results. This is always a nail-biting day . We are on tenterhooks until we see Dr Cominos. But we hope the results are as bright as the morning.


Its been a long day. I  got my new glasses. But I got more than I bargained for later. As usual Oncology was running Late. As soon as we  went in after the first greeting  Doctor said do you want me to  cut straight to the scan results. immediately my heart sank. Yes please we said. Well  you have growth in all  existing areas. No New areas are  affected. But she said as far as she can see they all look the same as before. But  the measurements contradict that. So  on leaving we were both  despondent. It’s not the news I hoped for. But mavis said she knew it wasnt  going to be good news because her pain levels have increased. But we must be positive. make each day count. Still  make every day  count.

Its watch this space.


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