Come on Dad its time for Walkies

We were going  away this weekend to the last rally of the year. But The weather is not that great and the wind is high . With worse to come so  we cancelled. Its got to be good weather for Mavis to go . She has problems breathing  in thhe cool windy  days and being unsteady on her  pins is not good in  windy  conditions. So al in all she is better off  tucked up indoors in the warm.

Ive been out with louis but its uncomfortable outside. Its spitting in the wind lots of  stuff blowing  along the lane. It does annoy me when I walk  up the lane in the mornings to find  some lazy shits have opened the car window and tossed their shit out. Mc Donalds cartons, Pizas, fish and chip papers ,beer cans. All in the hedgerows. I would like to pick it all up and dump it in THEIR gardens.  Recently  I saw 2 fridges dumped in the lane. Cars had to  drive round them  how bad is that.  I walk up  with louis and the horses are  feeding  and looking over the hedges at me oblivious of the rubbish all around them. Shame we have so many stupid selfish people around us.

Mavis was asleep  this afternoon  so I watched Star Wars Pt 2 ? The special effects are brilliant. But  my thoughts strayed to  all that time in the future UFO aliens will we still be killing each other in the centuries to come will we never live in peace. Life is so precious. We only get one chance at it.


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