because WordPress has slowed up so much the past few days and I seem to have lost  some features. I  tried a few other blogs today but  to be honest they are not so good. But  when it takes 3 or 4 minutes to load up and maybe not even then is it worth keeping. Normally when I  click a shortcut or link if it takes 10 seconds to load I am off to somewhere else.

My neighbour  came round  and asked me to help him  . he doesn’t use the internet. I gave him a laptop a few months ago . But he hasn’t even opened the case yet. He lost his wallet  and today he needed to replace his driving licence on-line. So we did. £80 OMG that’s extortionate. he laughed and said do I have a choice. Anyway that’s sorted for him now.

A few phone calls for mavis , a few worried friends. But we are not ready to throw the towel in yet. i was daydreaming  while dozing  on the sofa . I wondered what sort of life I may have had if i had not met Mavis. I am certain it would not have been happier. The 4th June 1957 that’s a date that I will remember  for ever it was around 7 pm. I and 3 friends had been  invited to play  the group of girls at tennis. What did I know about tennis. Nothing.  But earlier in the week one of  the girls was keen on me. She sent a message via her friend to ask if I would walk her home after a youth club meeting. I  declined. Not because I didn’t like her, but  Girls well not just at the moment. I had my motorbike who needed girls.

But one of my friend fancied this girl and when he heard that she fancied me. he got a bit stroppy. Threatened me to leave her alone or else. Now that was a challenge not to resist. So  the rest of the week my other pal and I tormented  this guy. . Right up to the saturday. When I relented and said just because we were mates I would let him make the first move. Well it worked she knew I wasnt interested and  they ended up  going out together. But me well at the tennis match we were  each paired off  with a partner. Mavis was mine. And that as they say is history. We have been together all this time. She has been my inspiration, my reason  to be. My Rock, best friend. The most wonderful thing that could ever have happened in my life. I was so lucky to  have her in my life. So  for me when day dreaming today I am certain life would have been SOOO  much different if I had been paired with  someone else that day. Bless her.

Wow. look at me all nostalgic. Well I love you Mavis. XX


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