I was watching  TV Holliday on the Busses. When Olive fell into the pool she couldn’t get out because she lost her  bottom. I had to chuckle I looked at Mavis  she knew what I was thinking. I remembered once on holiday  she decided  after the evening show to  get in the pool but she had not brought her cossy. But she said what the hell its dark and all the lights round the pool were out. So she  undressed  down to  her undies and jumped in. A few minutes later as if on cue all the lights came on and the pool was floodlit. . And from nowhere all the people came  round the pool some were jumping in. Come on I said. NO she said. I can’t I’ve lost my knickers.

Ok  stay there and Ill go back to the shally . So I returned with a coat and towel. But when I arrived I was shocked to see all these blokes all swimming round her ,pretending to  be diving  and looking for her pants. She was so embarrassed. We never found them.

I did a silly today Making Mavis a coffee I burned my hand. Its stinging a bit. Ive put the magic e45 on it ,that helps.

Its late now i am tring to install an app on my ipad??.

Its quite mild and dry out. Just got back with louis last walk. I cant believe its Sunday tomorrow.

puzzle page


It’s off for the dreaded Scan this afternoon. I hate this time. Full of  uncertainty and dread.


A bit of a cock up .We arrived at Margate Hospital for the Scan. After booking in and finding a seat in waiting room . The Nurse  came up and said . did we know we were at the wrong hospital. We should have been at Canterbury. Oh great we have only driven all the way down here to Margate  been stuck in traffic for ages. No where to park so we parked in the Staff car park. Now  what. But  the nurse said they would fit us in but we would be late.

But it’s now 6.45 pm and we are home  after  15 mins short of 4 hours. . Its bad enough  getting to Canterbury.

*** Its time for louis last walk and soon off to bed. I have been renewing my driving Licence, They send a reminder. But  OMG the questions. All of which they already have on file. After all that  I get gobbledygook saying \I cant renew  on-line unless I have a passport. So I  dig out  that. fill it in . Still no good they want NI number. More hunting  fill out all this and it asks do I wish to apply to renew my licence. DEEEEERRRRRRR!!!! you sent me a reminder I have answered all  your questions. Of course I want to.


Its Thursday

mav waitingDSCF1828Mavis looking forward to warmer Days. She has a few journeys planned. But we need warm days.

I got up  today with that  sick  feeling in the pit again.

We had to go  to post office and post  Xmas stuff and cards. Then off to  tesco for  a bit of shopping. Louis was so excited   running  outside  tesco.

Oh dear he leads such a sheltered life.


No Post yesterday. Yesterday  late afternoon we set off to meet Russel in Canterbury. We arrived about 4 oclock and after hugs all round we had a brew!

We had arranged before hand to get  Fish and Chips. So around 5 pm we Started to  get ready to  get them. But Russel had so much news to tell Mavis he was gushing  so I said why dont you  continue your chat and I will walk up and get the F & Cs. I had to wait  while it was cooked fresh. Due to my  Allergy  to Fish last week I decided sausage would be better.

Russel only wanted fish. It was a surprise when he said he was just having a fish butty. Ive had chip buttys before buut never heard of a fish butty. Anyway we were still chatting  gone 7 oclock and Russel had arranged to have a final  glass of wine with  2 other friends  before  he leaves in the morning. So we had to say our Goodbyes. we got home around 7.45pm louis was crossing his legs so a quick run  out with him. I was tired and at 9.45  was off to bed. Next thing I know  deep in my sleep I was dreaming  I was hearing  noises. But  it wasnt  a dream it was louis whimpering . He wanted out . So I got up OMG its only 2.30 am. But louis was just eating grass. So  another upset tummy. Back in bed at  5 to 3. just shut my eyes 3 am he is off again. Mavis got up and let him out. Next thing I remember its 20 past 3 and its dark and louis is off again. So  now I am up dressed and annoyed but I took him out and up the lane. he only wants grass. I got back indoors about 5 to 4. But I am wide awake now so a kettle on. while I am  drinking my tea  around 4.15 he is outside my Den whimpering again. I said to him in no uncertain terms to  go forth and multiply before I help him on his way. He scampered back  to mavis. It’s now 4.30 and its quiet again.


Been watching  Cameron on the news.  Brussels  thinks were the nasty country. Well let Brussels pay  for the benefit system.  I get so  angry.

GRRRRR. Thats me for today.


Some of you my friends may be diabetic or Health / Diet conscious . You  may just like me have been  advised  by my diabetic nurse and Doctor that I should give up Sugar. So I turned to  artificial Sweetners in  Tea. Coffee. Changed to  Diet Coke from Coke.

But  a chance article in the paper  last week alarmed me. So  I decided to see what Google could tell me about the substitutes.

You may be interested to read  this info on :sweetners

You may change your mind.

We had to go  out and get Christmas Cards. mavis had several boxes of Cards But  cant find them.

When we got home i was passed Christmas presents to  pack. Oh dear all odd shapes and sizes. Did she think they would go in envelopes. Derr!!!!!!!!!!!! No Way.

We also didnt have enough Celotape. So I had to go over the shop to get some. After  stealing boxes from  anywhere indoors I have finally wrapped and packed all ready for the post tomorrow.


I have been working on PC again. My little project is slowly coming to  an end. It keeps me off the streets.

We havent been out  today ,at least Mavis hasnt,Its still fresh outside. Louis and I had a fair old trot this morning. Some days he walks somedays he just digs his heels in like a spoilt brat  in a sweetshop when mum says No  sweets.

Another weekend over one more nearer christmas. 4 weeks from today  will be christmas eve. How fast the years go. Its frightening.


I wasnt going to do a blog today as its been a lazy day. This morning was a lay in untill 9 am. Breakfast and toiletry s out the way. House work dag walk to do. Changed all the beds . Time for some Facebook. After lunch Mavis decided another walk with louis was in order. So with her special shoes and walking stick  we set off. I admit I was on tenterhooks all the way round. as she is slow and unsteady now. But all power to her elbow. She made it.

I should have more faith. But its heart breaking  to see her all  smacked up and bleeding laying in the road.  My software arrived as promised today.  Ive been surfing for cd/dvd labels and software. How hard thats been. Well hard to find at a sensible price. But   I have sorted it now. That should be here sometime next week. I have software  for it which is not compatable with win8. Hence new software. You just cant win.