Nothing worth a mention today.  We took louis on  the round walk  again . Mavis  did well despite the  wet and wind. Some  old guy  stopped  to talk to louis and offered him  biscuits but  louis wasnt having any. barking at him.  The guy only tried to stroke him. Now while he is guarding mavis  he had no chance.

Soon be that noisy smelly night  Guyfawkes. I remember one year when Mavis was expecting  our first. I  being young and stupid did what you should never do and that was to pick up a firework that had failed to go off. As I picked it up the draft fanned it into life and it exploded in my hand. Mavis  was so  upset she was rushed into hospital with early  pains.

I ended up with a hand twice its normal size and black  and blue and green. But Mavis was released as false alarm baby was born 11 days later.

Another time when the kids were young I  accidentally dropped a lit one in the box full and they all went up in about 2 to 3 mins later  the back yard was full of bangs flashes whirls whoops and sparks. That was a short firework night. After that we stopped buying fireworks and opted for  organised events.

One of those turned out  to prove dangerous. We  went to one in the Leeds  Castle grounds. At the end of the show we were all  sandwiched in the crowd being pushed along to the exit which was by way of passing the lake, but for some reason the crowd was pushing  us into the lake. Panic  started in the crowd as we fought to redirect the flow so  half  was trying to  exit down the slope pushing us all towards the Lake. While  those of us at the bottom were trying to get up the slope  away from the lake. It all ended ok. No wet feet. Now we hear them in the distance see the sky light up  and that’s about it. For me seen one display seen em all.

I popped into the new co-op store, it was empty? Surprised as spar was usually packed on a Saturday   evening, in fact packed most of the time. Are  the customers missing Spar.


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