I was up early waiting for the post. We were waiting  for a copy on memory stick of the Australian documentary  Devils Dust.

It arrived just after 9 am. Lois got his walk in the rain. When I got back I set too transferring  it from Stick to my PC. Then came copying it onto DVD. Several  attempts later I had made a test copy. Try it  for me Mavis. Oh dear it’s not working. But by 12 noon I had succeeded in making a copy on DVD that worked. Whew!

All I got to do is watch it now. We had to  walk up the post office to return the memory stick. With that done a slooow walk  back. Poor ole mave is so unsteady on her feet. Wobbling  about.( I must hide that bottle .) But we got back  between showers.

Then I had to source a special Pressy for  mavis for Christmas. Now thats done.


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