Mavis looks a lot better today. Her eye has swollen up and is turning black now. The wound under the chin  looks ok but her hand under the  bandage is still  bleeding. Must watch it.

We had to go for her eye test and new glasses. ready in a week. Her new table top freezer came so  she has played with that. She is happy  with it.

A bit more shopping done we are back home in the warm again. Tonight she asked if I would allow her to walk louis on her own round the park. I said OK but was on tenter hooks untill they came back. Our daughter inlaw phoned to check on her. At the moment  she is looking at cozy feet on line. Because all her shoes are to  tight. She bought 2 pairs of trainers but cant wear them last week she bought 2 pairs of boots but she cant get them on so  god knows what she is getting now. I joked with nicky perhaps she will throw away the shoes and wera the boxes.

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