Ive been hunting through my  shelves for  software. I knew I had a program   to author  DVDs.  Yesterday I  down loaded a program a fre one. Today I find I have malware embedded on my PC. Ive spent hours trying to  get rid. I think I have succeeded I must wait and see. Anyway I deleted the free Program .I found my  program but  its not compatable with win 8. As I needed some more DVDs we  went to canterbury  to PC world. OMG what a let down PCWORLD used to  be packed to the roof with stuff for computers ,rows and rows of software. I  could spend an hour  easy  looking. But now its been  bought out by Currys its no longer  worth a walk into the store. its abysmal . I could not believe it has been condensed into  one long 2 sided shelf with next to  nothing of  any use.

PCWORLD no longer exhists. Then  they say why do people shop on line. We ended up  back at Tesco for my discs. And I found a program on line . Cheap and free postage  with 24 hour delivery. What more can you ask. No more hopeful trips to PC world for me.

Mavis is watching Emmerdale! I think I have problems Ha Ha. That Val if I was married to  that I would hang for her . Bitch. No wonder Any left home.mavis`s special  shoes  arrived and she wore them out today she could actually getthem on and walk in them. I was so nervous she would fall over again but she did well. Her cut hand looks nasty but   she took the bandage off today I said let the air  dry it out now. The  one on her face is looking better  too.


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