A special delivery. The Medway Queen returns Home.


Work to the hull of the 1924 paddle-wheeler Medway Queen at the Albion Dockyard in Bristol has come to an end, and the boat is now en route to the river where she originally plied her trade as a pleasure vessel: the Medway in Kent, where she will be based out of the riparian town of Gillingham.

She’s the last existing ship of a type once common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, steamers that would take pleasure-trippers from the towns and cities for day-trips to the seaside.

Her hull was restored with aid of a £1.86 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant. Once she reaches her home in Gillingham, the tireless volunteers of the Medway Queen Preservation Society will undertake the fitting out to phase of the project to return the ship to full working order. This will be a lengthy task and its speed will be dependent on the availability of funding.

In live steam again on the Thames Estuary, she’s going to be an unbelievable sight.

From This: In  1963 Era.Imager

article_4ac90c4b83f3eb66_1332943393_9j-4aaqskAnd This

And Now queenI must say  watching it on the news today it did bring a lump  to my throat.

Its been too wet today to do anything else. So Ive just been  on my PC.  I tried to  nap this afternoon  but no luck. I was up at  just after 3 am   because I couldnt sleep so I thought I would  nod off  but  no luck.

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