Another  wet lazy day. Been working on my PC again. had a laugh this morning, Only it wasnt funny. I ordered some Software which arrived in the post. I  whacked it into my drive and waited  anxiously for it to load. But what came up was a  surprise. I searched the cd for my software,but it wasnt  on it. I tried to reload it several times . What I  got was about 200 PDF files on home DIY. How to  fix a leak, how to mix cement, how to change a fuse,,,,,,, The list was endless.  To say I was angry was putting it mildly.I shot off a right  gritty Email .  I said what on earth would a 76 year old partially disabled pensioner want with 200  DIY  jobs. Were you taking  the pi..s? . an hour later I got an apology. They said it was due to an error in packing Dept and mine would be with me on Saturday.

I could have downloaded a free program but  after the trouble  earlier with  malware. I  bought it,hoping  that would be trouble-free..

I had to  post  some parcels today. My god the postage was humongous. No wonder the post office was in trouble. I could have driven and delivered it personally cheaper.

More misery on East Enders. Nothing Changes…


One thought on “Thursday

  1. I know what you mean re the Post Office Ray. On Wednesday, I went into a post office, where I was second in the queue. After five minutes and no progress, I moved up to the single counter window, only to find matey re-taxing five cars, with two still to do. The other customer and I only wanted to post something. We both left without getting served. Grrrrr.

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