I wasnt going to do a blog today as its been a lazy day. This morning was a lay in untill 9 am. Breakfast and toiletry s out the way. House work dag walk to do. Changed all the beds . Time for some Facebook. After lunch Mavis decided another walk with louis was in order. So with her special shoes and walking stick  we set off. I admit I was on tenterhooks all the way round. as she is slow and unsteady now. But all power to her elbow. She made it.

I should have more faith. But its heart breaking  to see her all  smacked up and bleeding laying in the road.  My software arrived as promised today.  Ive been surfing for cd/dvd labels and software. How hard thats been. Well hard to find at a sensible price. But   I have sorted it now. That should be here sometime next week. I have software  for it which is not compatable with win8. Hence new software. You just cant win.


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