No Post yesterday. Yesterday  late afternoon we set off to meet Russel in Canterbury. We arrived about 4 oclock and after hugs all round we had a brew!

We had arranged before hand to get  Fish and Chips. So around 5 pm we Started to  get ready to  get them. But Russel had so much news to tell Mavis he was gushing  so I said why dont you  continue your chat and I will walk up and get the F & Cs. I had to wait  while it was cooked fresh. Due to my  Allergy  to Fish last week I decided sausage would be better.

Russel only wanted fish. It was a surprise when he said he was just having a fish butty. Ive had chip buttys before buut never heard of a fish butty. Anyway we were still chatting  gone 7 oclock and Russel had arranged to have a final  glass of wine with  2 other friends  before  he leaves in the morning. So we had to say our Goodbyes. we got home around 7.45pm louis was crossing his legs so a quick run  out with him. I was tired and at 9.45  was off to bed. Next thing I know  deep in my sleep I was dreaming  I was hearing  noises. But  it wasnt  a dream it was louis whimpering . He wanted out . So I got up OMG its only 2.30 am. But louis was just eating grass. So  another upset tummy. Back in bed at  5 to 3. just shut my eyes 3 am he is off again. Mavis got up and let him out. Next thing I remember its 20 past 3 and its dark and louis is off again. So  now I am up dressed and annoyed but I took him out and up the lane. he only wants grass. I got back indoors about 5 to 4. But I am wide awake now so a kettle on. while I am  drinking my tea  around 4.15 he is outside my Den whimpering again. I said to him in no uncertain terms to  go forth and multiply before I help him on his way. He scampered back  to mavis. It’s now 4.30 and its quiet again.


Been watching  Cameron on the news.  Brussels  thinks were the nasty country. Well let Brussels pay  for the benefit system.  I get so  angry.

GRRRRR. Thats me for today.

Published by Raymond

I paint when I get time. Write poetry when the mood takes me. Always been interested in Photography. Having just bought a new camera I thought Id start again with a decent one.This is an oportunity to put my work on display.

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