It’s off for the dreaded Scan this afternoon. I hate this time. Full of  uncertainty and dread.


A bit of a cock up .We arrived at Margate Hospital for the Scan. After booking in and finding a seat in waiting room . The Nurse  came up and said . did we know we were at the wrong hospital. We should have been at Canterbury. Oh great we have only driven all the way down here to Margate  been stuck in traffic for ages. No where to park so we parked in the Staff car park. Now  what. But  the nurse said they would fit us in but we would be late.

But it’s now 6.45 pm and we are home  after  15 mins short of 4 hours. . Its bad enough  getting to Canterbury.

*** Its time for louis last walk and soon off to bed. I have been renewing my driving Licence, They send a reminder. But  OMG the questions. All of which they already have on file. After all that  I get gobbledygook saying \I cant renew  on-line unless I have a passport. So I  dig out  that. fill it in . Still no good they want NI number. More hunting  fill out all this and it asks do I wish to apply to renew my licence. DEEEEERRRRRRR!!!! you sent me a reminder I have answered all  your questions. Of course I want to.


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