Hi Everyone. Both Mavis and I wish you all a happy new Year.

We are about to go to the New Years Eve Party. Its  not been a nice day here. Blowing a gale all day and Heavy rain. I suppose its better than Snow.

Well we have both weathered another year, we hope that 2014 sees us and all our mesowarrior friends a healthy and pain free year.

Happy new year.  Mavis and Ray and not forgetting Louis.



One of Louis christmas presents was a book. Now because he can’t read yet I have to read it to him.

Its called off the leash secret lives of dogs. I think its great but I think louis thinks I am mind reading.

He has that blank look  when I read it to him.

As mavis burnt her hand yesterday on a saucepan handle, we went shopping for new saucepans today with  non-metal handles. We found a set so the others  are now doomed.

Travelling  today we saw a lot more local wind damage. Its forecast to return tonight again. We were concerned last week  when the high winds struck us but we are glad  we were not here  over christmas to  feel the latest  winds as its done more damage so it must have been frightening. My neighbour  said today  she saw my  garden Arch topple but left it for me to deal with  in case she damaged it more. Its something I have to  sort. I did manage to cut free both obelisks today and dispose of them as they were smashed and twisted beyond saving. I’ve secured the garden lights hopefully  they wont blow away again. mavis said she thought the solar panel had fallen in the pond, but  after realised the pond is now a herb garden.


DSCF7302aThis was inside the Lyceum. Mavis is centre with white coat. It was Lion King. Got a couple of DIY s to sort today .liefde17Been out with louis early for his walk I was surprised to see so much damage in the lane since my walk before christmas.

Some homes here have been damaged. We were lucky with minor damage. the 2 obelesks  both  smashed and leaning at almost ground level. 1 Panel in fence at the rear leaning badly my lights all  messed up and 1 solar panel across the garden. The Garden arch was leaning badly. Dustbin had lid blown away up the garden. So I have been out  repairing . Next I had to  sort  mavis seat  in the van it had lost a screw. And the swivel wouldnt lock. So I have been and fixed that. I have done my  chores so that mavis could rest after her  christmas..


Well Christmas is over. We have had a smashing time at our sons. They really did us proud.

We arrived on Monday lunch time . From then untill after a cooked breakfast this morning when we left it was eat eat and eat. They toured all the posh shops to get nice special treats for us. They really looked after Mavis. Christmas day was a chill out day. But boxing day we were driven into london to Hyde Park. Where they  were holding a Winter Wonderland. It was a Christmas Fayre with  Stalls of  food  trinkets jewelry . Fair Ground Rides all lit up. The atmosphere was electric packed  with people having a great time. We had pre booked the ICE HOUSE. which was a large marque filled with Ice Sculptures. It was bloody cold inside but very well done.

With that all done and dusted we made our way into  centre of london to see a show. The Lion King. While terry parked the car we collected the pre booked tickets. But aw we were early  we found a nice friendly coffee shop  for a warm drink. Then back to the Lyceum for the show. If anyone is thinking of going . Do it. It really is a magical Show. With that ending we made our way back to the car and had a drive round london  to see the lights. Then home for  cheese and biscuits and bed for a well-earned rest.

But  this morning after breakfast its time to say goodbyes, So we set off to join the traffic jams. We left at 12:30 and got homes at 3 pm not to bad really.

I’ve caught up with emails and messages. We have un wrapped those presents that we didn’t take with us. That includes our Secret Santas. Who ever they are this year thank you. Louis will  be listening  to his secret santa later.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to everyone. We are having a lovely time with our family. been a bit windy and wet but who cares. Mavis will not be doing a blog for a few days she has left her pad at home. But the break will do  her good.

Louis is hyper active.

We hope you are all having a wonderful day. We can add another blog tomorrow.

Ray and mavis.


A  short trip  out shopping . I need a new razor.  Tesco were doing half price offers on shavers , but when I got there the shelves were almost empty. Only had a few left ,not at all what I was looking for. They have all gone except  one for £70. .

So  when I got home empty handed I got the trimmer out for a once over. Should have called it the Strimmer. I put he wrong comb in it and almost shaved off all my beard. It looks like I have not shaved for a few days. Tooo short now.Oh well it will grow.

I just remembered that I had not wrapped up Louis christmas present. I know he has had 2  already but well he is worth another one. So that’s all  done now.

Mavis is watching Deal or No deal. The contestant today is a silly  squealing Girl. I can’t stand dithering squealing . Just get on with the game.

Ive been searching and sourcing pictures for  next years puzzles. I have quite a few so far so  no shortage of puzzles in January.


Up early because the boiler man is coming to look at my problem.  1 hour later and £50  lighter  he said keep an eye on it let me know  if  it worsens. I’ve just checked it 2 hours after he left and problem is still there. He is going to  have to  come back after christmas now and replace expansion tank.  More expense.

I’ve just cancelled my boiler insurance..I  read the policy whats covered and whats not. In the small print exclusions is the bit that has failed on mine so i am paying £300 PA for next to nothing. As its been covered for the past 5 years that’s around £1500.00 now I can buy a new boiler for that. So  Thats money I will save now. Why don’t we always read the small print. I have a very good local guy  who comes when I need him and is reasonable. Why  ponse about with insurance. I  always say insurances are nice looking documents with  fancy seals and headlines, but not worth the paper they are written on.

I’ve just had a call back to arrange a visit after Xmas to  change expansion tank. He will do it  during the first week of january.

next problem is the door bell. last week I relocated it because no one uses it. I don’t know why, it was located by the door handle and quite visible from the road. But I  relocated it to  beside the letterbox. In the middle of the door. Yesterday  my  brother-in-law said your bell is not working. I pressed it and it ding donged away. Today when the boiler man came he said your bell is not working. So i removed it and had it on my desk stripped down. it  turns out to be intermittent. it needs several  presses to work and even then it may or may now work. So as we had a last-minute christmas present to get I  got another bell in B & Q. Another shock £17 for a door bell. and that was not the dearest either. I remember when that was a weeks wages. But with the old one in the bin and the new one installed and tested that’s one more job jobbed. Whats next.