DSCF7265My louis waiting for Christmas

A small job to sort today. We dont understand why callers rarely use the Bell on the front door. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. We were talking in the kitchen  when by luck a quiet moment we heard a tap tap on the door . Louis barked so we looked out the window to see a delivery man tapping the door with  his knucle. Why not ring the frigging bell..

So my small job was to re locate the bell push. It was at eye level so now Its moved to the level of the letterbox. Biggest problem was to  clean the glue  left behind  under the old position. Ive buffed it but  its not very good. But I had 2 spare door numbers so I have stuck them over  the damaged area. It looks OK. So  the test will be the next caller?? whom ever that will be. Will they  see the bloody push and use it? failing that maybe one of those ropes hanging  by the door that operate a Bell in the Roof space. Like Draculars house.


We usually watch Deal or No Deal of which lately  its got mundane predictable and to a degree Boring. But  tonights was worth watching The man won £75,000. The place was electric. Well done such a nice man.

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