Not a lot today. Just checking on  last-minute  presents and   sorting final  Xmas cards. Tomorrow is scan results. We must be brave. Whatever  they are we must not let it spoil Christmas.

Mavis found me a good cheese last week. The best cheese I’ve had for so long. So  I  had to get some more today. Do you know what to get she asked me. Yes I said. So I am searching the shop  for it. AhhAA! I find  it on the shelf. Only  problem  it’s wrapped in  3 different colours. It’s the blue one so 3 packs I  got. When I got outside she was waiting with louis did you find it, Yes its in the blue wrapper. i  proudly showed her what was in the bag. NO that’s the wrong one she said. When we got home she showed me what I should have got int was  in the mauve wrapper. Oh well  I will just have to  eat  3 packs on my own now.

I didn’t have any  comments on here or FB about  the puzzle yesterday. A bit of beefcake for christmas for the girls. I hope it did  not  offend.



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