DSCF7302aThis was inside the Lyceum. Mavis is centre with white coat. It was Lion King. Got a couple of DIY s to sort today .liefde17Been out with louis early for his walk I was surprised to see so much damage in the lane since my walk before christmas.

Some homes here have been damaged. We were lucky with minor damage. the 2 obelesks  both  smashed and leaning at almost ground level. 1 Panel in fence at the rear leaning badly my lights all  messed up and 1 solar panel across the garden. The Garden arch was leaning badly. Dustbin had lid blown away up the garden. So I have been out  repairing . Next I had to  sort  mavis seat  in the van it had lost a screw. And the swivel wouldnt lock. So I have been and fixed that. I have done my  chores so that mavis could rest after her  christmas..


One thought on “Saturday

  1. […] Prime minister David Cameron has been meeting families and business owners hit by the floods in Kent today. As more than 700 homes are still flooded in the wake of the torrential rains, Mr Cameron toured Yalding, and met those most severely hit by the storms. Some angry villagers hit out, after failing to get a response from authorities handling the crisis. There is a photo of the other Mobile Home Park that we had looked at to buy when we were discussing in 2000 to buy a home for retirement. It looked Idealic to live by the river but this is a picture that makes me so pleased I didn’t let my heart rule my head. If the sea here did role in  here we are slightly uphill, but we would be cut off as we were made aware of when the very high tide reminded us just before Christmas. Well we just stayed in yesterday as I was exhausted for Christmas. I realised just how much I had put into the walk I did around London in my attempt to be normal for the family. It worked but I have had to use a full day to recover. It was great to switch off from My illness for 2 days but now Im looking to the New year 2014 to find a trial of a drug to help me have another year. There are 1% that live to 10 years and I will fight to have a go at being in that 1%. Some people have been lucky and had a Lung removed or at least Linings of organs removed but they saw me as to old for such an operation so I have to help myself all the time and fight for more treatment. 2014 will be a huge fight as the growth of Meso is still going on and I have to make sure it doesn’t have any new spread to new areas and all though they say it cant break out of the Lung it has been proved differently and other organs become involved. I have been talking about if the next round of Chemo is on the cards walking even with a stick might be impossible as my nerve system is hit again. We have been looking at mobility scooters and we fancy this one. I can just see us riding this and Louis can either run by the side of us our sit on the floor for a ride. Mmmmm a good thought !!! Everyone of the UK Warriors have got through Christmas which Im so relieved at as so many are very ill. Im pleased their families have had a good Christmas and hope they were able to forget Mesothelioma for 2 days and I wish them all a Happy New year. Maybe 2014 might be the year for a cure for Cancer and Mesothelioma. Rays Blog […]

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