One of Louis christmas presents was a book. Now because he can’t read yet I have to read it to him.

Its called off the leash secret lives of dogs. I think its great but I think louis thinks I am mind reading.

He has that blank look  when I read it to him.

As mavis burnt her hand yesterday on a saucepan handle, we went shopping for new saucepans today with  non-metal handles. We found a set so the others  are now doomed.

Travelling  today we saw a lot more local wind damage. Its forecast to return tonight again. We were concerned last week  when the high winds struck us but we are glad  we were not here  over christmas to  feel the latest  winds as its done more damage so it must have been frightening. My neighbour  said today  she saw my  garden Arch topple but left it for me to deal with  in case she damaged it more. Its something I have to  sort. I did manage to cut free both obelisks today and dispose of them as they were smashed and twisted beyond saving. I’ve secured the garden lights hopefully  they wont blow away again. mavis said she thought the solar panel had fallen in the pond, but  after realised the pond is now a herb garden.


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