imagesMy Old one with keyboard that I never use.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my ebay  account ,waiting for  confirmation that my bits have been dispatched,before I can relax. It’s always a bit  edgy  untill that time..

But It’s just been sent as dispatched now so its down to  postal service now.

Its black and miserable outside raining and windy again. I could hear it raining all night again. I was surprised walking up the lane that it was not as flooded as yesterday.

mavis said this morning do you want your hair cut. Yes please i said that shocked her ,normally I say  yes but not today thankyou. But it has got out of control  lately. I look like a mad professor. How short she asked. I don’t care. 10 mins later when I looked at was piled up all over the floor my lovely  hair. A glance in the mirror. Oh dear my beard is longer than my hair.. So  to match it Ive trimmed the beard. Ah well it will grow.


Yuk. Just got back  from walking louis up the lane. Its pouring  down and blowing a gale its freezing.


Rain Rain and just more rain. We drove to the station to pick up the train tickets ready for the Bollywood show,so no worries there .

A quick bit of shopping on the way home and soon back indoors again.

I  made a successful offer on eBay and it was accepted today much to my surprise, so now I have the upgraded Touch Kindle. I still use my other one but it’s getting on a bit is a first edition. Fine for indoors but I find it a pain  to stick in a pocket if I go  anywhere. Like Hospital waiting rooms. This new one is smaller and fits well in an average size pocket. And at  a third the price of a shop bought one I feel lucky.

After mavis and I  breaking a  long time sleeping habit by swapping side ,it was decided to  swap back. i asked her how she slept last night she said fine as did I. How odd is that.

Almost another week over. More rain  to come with gale force winds.


DSCF9017Have to sort trains to London. We are booked into  Sadlers Wells Theatre for a show. But we got the dates mixed up. Oh dear.

How odd some habits effect you. During 54 years together Mavis decided she wanted to swap  sides in the bed. I always sleep on  the Right side. So last night we swapped. Oh dear! I couldn’t sleep I was uncomfortable my back played up I lay awake for ages. When I got up this morning I was shattered. But I never said anything. If this is what mavis wants I will get used to it.

But  later  she said she wasnt happy  and would like to  swap back because she lay on her side  where her tumors are and she was in pain most of the night. So  Tonight its back to  old habits. We were talking  about this later  I said I can not remember ever sleeping on the left. even as far back as our honeymoon i still remember sleeping on the right. I wonder why or how that’s come about. Anyone else noticed this?.

I’ve been surfing eBay today.I am amazed at  prices. Some people bid more  for used items than  a new one costs. You  do have to be careful.


As we sat down for lunch Mavis Put the TV on. Oh dear Weak or no signal. Ray  look no TV. So I  did the usual switch off and on ,reset. Retune, Nothing. Nothing for it but to drag it all out. it soon became obvious. The  HD plug was out. Now that’s very hard to  move so how did it come out. I know mavis and her incessant cleaning. Did you  clean behind  it I asked NO she said, Sure you didn’t poke your cleaning thingy down the back. Oh yes I did she said. Fine. It’s all sorted now. Its been really fresh again today it’s that wind . But  when its stopped blowing it starts raining. When I  walked louis  the  water running down the lane was like a small river both sides  of the road. In places it met in the middle and we couldn’t walk through it. I was talking to  the owner of  the holiday caravan park  up the road , he said the ground is so waterlogged he is unable to move caravans about. He thinks he would be better off  opening a Marina.


i have found the perfect way to make Louis behave. he was being a pain . whinging and whining. I said wHAT do you want? I got that look so I let him in the garden. Yup  he likes water from the rain butt. And a pee on the grass. % mins later  I get the whinging again. I said  Louis if you dont shut up I will make you watch Eastenders.

You know what. He has been a good boy for over an hour. Eastenders is good for something afterall.

Funny old day today. No rain or wind. Even had a blue sky.

I got to go now mavis has pased me over a survey to do.


DSCF9016Oh when is this weather going to  turn for the better. Months of rain , wind and cold. Boring.

So much for global warming. Ive just been outside  sorting refuse  for tomorrow and its blowing  everywhere. Not funny.

Tried to re tune the small tv, forgot  how to do it? Derr!!!.


AH ok Ive remembered now , sorted

Another Catherine Cookson . They dont  make them like that now.


A quiet day today. just the usual walk with louis. emails. some large changes to my web. nothing on Telly worth a mention.

After tea I  decided to re do the grout around the sink in the kitchen. It certainly looks a bit better now.

The promised big storm today was a bit of a fizzle. OK  we had Torential Rain, driving wind. And thunder and lots of lightening. But it was all over in a few minutes.

We tried some of the new coffees that came today. Not too impressed with the hot chocholate. But then I am really a Tea man.