New Years Day

Back home  now. Its been an exciting New year. Rally with winds of  up to 60 mph buffeting the Van and torrential Rain Lashing the windows. Wow a new year not to forget in a hurry.

It was good to  meet  up again. WE took loads of food with us but  we brought  a load home again. There was so much  food available   you can’t eat it all. Apart from  the obligatory game of bingo  there was a fusion of other party games to amuse us  ,and a disco. Lots of wine flowing. I tasted Toffee Vodka, Hm!! not sure if I liked it or not.

I managed to  keep up the puzzle a day , I took  my laptop it’s so much easier than the iPad. Ipad is fine but  its a bit limited with its IOS, Shame . mavis has managed a few get ups and dances but not like her usual dance all night days bless her.

We were a bit worried about the journey home with  all this wind we hung on and had lunch first hoping it will  calm  down but it got worse. We were parked up under a couple of large OLD trees and with  some big branches already  laying in the grass I hoped that would be it. But we were ok no more came our way. We usually put  a solar panel out to top up power. It’s quite heavy but when we woke up  Only one light on the regulator OH Dear that  means only one thing the panel has blown over or its smashed in the wind. But as I had to take louis out in the howling wind and rain anyway I  could check the damage. Hey! the panel had blown face down but was not damaged. So I turned it over but decided that OK flat on its back was safest way. No more problems after that. Checked Voltage this morning and we were up to the mark so it wasnt damaged.

Thats more than can be said for my garden solar lights. A quick look and 2 of the small panels are missing and the larger one is upside down in the herb garden. So no garden lights tonight. I will  look  for them tomorrow  when the wind drops.

Well Ive bored you  all enough for now. So I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.


One thought on “New Years Day

  1. Careful you dont get a taste for toffee vodka- you have to make sure Mavis stays on her feet. Great to hear you had such a good time

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