An early morning Call. It was the plumber . He is on his way. Oh dear a long messy day with the boiler off the wall ,upheaval no heating or hot water. But hey. Not so. He checked the pressure and asked me when I last topped it up. I said I have not touched it since you came before christmas. he looked thoughtful  and said OK maybe the expansion tank does not need replacing. So  he got to work . As it turned out he said the pressure release valve was blocked. He thinks now he has cleaned it all out  my problem  is solved. So instead of the bill being in the hundreds. It only cost me £90.00

That included a drink for christmas.So now I keep an eye on it. He said I should not have any more problems.

Couple of  small jobs in Van I’ve set up solar panel  to  keep the battery topped up  while it stands untill next  trip out. made temporary  repair to the Archway in garden. Its tied  back at the moment.When the weather  lightens up I will  have to re set it in cement.

I’ve sorted loads of pictures  for the puzzles.Sorted messages and emails. Now christmas and new year are behind us its ready for what ever life throws at us.


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