How odd ones mind works at times. Walking louis this morning my thoughts went back to the early 50`s when I  saw this group at the London Paladium. Still one of my old favs.

So this is for you Mavis.:

My  neighbour comes home today. He is in Italy this morning and England  later on. I wonder if  marco pollo and the like  ever thought that we would travel such distances in a couple of hours. Which set me off again. Will there ever be a time when we can  walk into a travel booth.Stand  in a glass box type or state our destination  say GO and seconds later we materialise  elsewhere like the beam me up scotty.

We could be in Italy in 5 seconds. What do you think. The future may look back at our flying efforts as a waste of  precious time. Who knows. Maybe even step in the box say Mars and whoosh! We open our eyes after blinking and step out the box in a hotel on Mars. Unimaginable. But so was a jet plane a hundred years ago.

This evening louis was lucky. mavis decided that a  walk round the park was in order. It was quite fresh outside with a hint of early Frost. He enjoyed it and Mavis feels she has achieved something  so alls well that ends well.

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