A nice walk along the sea front today, mavis was well up for it. She needs a break from her PC. So many people messaging her over  her BBC interview. While walking a couple walking towards us ,one using one of those walkers with wheels and a basket. Mavis said how do they  stop it running away with you. As the couple got level mavis asked her how she got on with it. Try it  she said and passed it over . Mavis tried it out and was impressed. they chatted briefly and  later  Mavis said Hmm! Maybe later.

We hope her coffee maker arrives tomorrow . Hop she likes it otherwise we will end up with a hundred little coffees in a box.

I can’t remember if I mentioned yesterday that I have spent a couple of days searching for some camera battery’s. having had all my drawers out and shelves cleared several times. You know how you wake up in the middle of the night with that eureka moment. Well I did  that about 3 am. Not only could I not find the battery’s but the Charger unit was missing. I remember clearing a drawer and stuffing its contents in a carrier bag and dumping it in the shed. Yippee I found a carrier bag on the top shelf in the shed and Lo and behold what was inside Yep! the bloody  Batts and the charger unit. All this now I have ordered a new battery on-line.


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