As we sat down for lunch Mavis Put the TV on. Oh dear Weak or no signal. Ray  look no TV. So I  did the usual switch off and on ,reset. Retune, Nothing. Nothing for it but to drag it all out. it soon became obvious. The  HD plug was out. Now that’s very hard to  move so how did it come out. I know mavis and her incessant cleaning. Did you  clean behind  it I asked NO she said, Sure you didn’t poke your cleaning thingy down the back. Oh yes I did she said. Fine. It’s all sorted now. Its been really fresh again today it’s that wind . But  when its stopped blowing it starts raining. When I  walked louis  the  water running down the lane was like a small river both sides  of the road. In places it met in the middle and we couldn’t walk through it. I was talking to  the owner of  the holiday caravan park  up the road , he said the ground is so waterlogged he is unable to move caravans about. He thinks he would be better off  opening a Marina.


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