DSCF9017Have to sort trains to London. We are booked into  Sadlers Wells Theatre for a show. But we got the dates mixed up. Oh dear.

How odd some habits effect you. During 54 years together Mavis decided she wanted to swap  sides in the bed. I always sleep on  the Right side. So last night we swapped. Oh dear! I couldn’t sleep I was uncomfortable my back played up I lay awake for ages. When I got up this morning I was shattered. But I never said anything. If this is what mavis wants I will get used to it.

But  later  she said she wasnt happy  and would like to  swap back because she lay on her side  where her tumors are and she was in pain most of the night. So  Tonight its back to  old habits. We were talking  about this later  I said I can not remember ever sleeping on the left. even as far back as our honeymoon i still remember sleeping on the right. I wonder why or how that’s come about. Anyone else noticed this?.

I’ve been surfing eBay today.I am amazed at  prices. Some people bid more  for used items than  a new one costs. You  do have to be careful.


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