It was to late to post yesterday. We didn’t get home till after 9 pm last night. It was a long day. One cock-up after another. First off  the station had a bus service due to  track repairs.  After waiting almost an hour I  asked  the clerk  as the bus is late will they hold our connection. he said no. I asked so where is the bus. Dont Know. so what do we do now. Be patient. I relayed this to the waiting passengers outside. which resulted in a mass converging on the clerk. Who was less than helpful. So  we decided to  drive 20 minutes . .to the station  where the connection was due. Of course by now we missed the connection. Nothing for it but  wait an hour for next train. Sunday service. A call to my son to change arrival time. The train had no heating so by the time we arrived at london we were cold and not too happy. Mavis was just a pace in front of me she put her ticket in the gateway opened as she walked through I put my ticket in I got my body halfway through  when the gate shut on me squashing me. I wriggled backwards to get free. Now I am  stuck on the wrong side of the barrier with no ticket. My son and mavis were  laughing at me thumping all the buttons I could see. What now. Already angry  i was building up to explode. But my son had sought  help and I was told to go up to the barrier. The guy was all smiles. No problem man he said calm down. Relax smile and have a nice day as he opened the gate with his pass.. At last out the station a short walk to  the car. But the traffic was hell. It was Chinese new year so  lots of  roads were closed. Causing chaos. we were now in danger of  missing the ticket office to collect our tickets. Now with  hime going up and down roads weaving in and out the traffic. we eventually  got to the theatre collected the tickets and found our seats.

Bollywood! I enjoyed part 2 but  we were under  the aircon and it was blinking cold. After the show we decided to  find a restaurant. We had a nice meal. And now it was time to  get  the train home. We arrived at  Victoria, walked in the side entrance and right in front of us platform 2 was our train. We said our goodbyes and climbed aboard. with 10 mins to spare. The train filled up and people were standing. It was not the fast train but a all stations stopper. We got home at 9.15pm. As I opened the door my son rang. I have just put the key in the lock I said but yes we are home..He said he was caught speeding on the way home about 1/2 mile from his house. so ended his day. Louis went mad to see us. he had been home alone for 11 hours. A quick  walk up the lane and a supper later  it was time for bed.

I used my new kindle on the train and I am really happy with it so at least something went well.


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