I cant believe its Friday. Another week Gone. Although  the Lane was Passable with care this morning. Looking over the hedge it was a shock to see that most of the fields were flooded. The Dyke was only 3/4 full . And only the Grey Mare grazing. I feel sorry for her munching away with her blanket on with most of her ground under water. 14 years weve lived here it was flooded on the day we moved here .That was suposed to have been the wettest  on record but  it was nothing like this. Both sides of the road are like lakes. When we came home from shopping today as we turn off the top road and face our favourite view of the coast line and on a clear day a  view of Southend Essex, we could see the extent of the flooding all accross the salt flats reaching the sea is now made up of  several lakes which were  once lush green grazing land. Shame, it must stop raining soon. I bet the fresh food prices  this will rocket. Farmers now have the perfect excuse. Its all down to the floods they can say.

I saw Mandy put a helpful  bit on FB today ,if your iphone battery goes flat quickly follow her tips.

I am still happy with my new Kindle Ive got through 2 books already and have started a 3rd. I had a walk round Maplins while mavis was in M&S today. I am fascinated  looking round. I started with the first row inside the door and worked my way up and down each row until I had seen it all. I did get a few funny looks from staff and one hello Can I help, are you looking for anything in particular.  Then it was back next door to find Mavis and Pay for  the shopping. Next was to run the puddles on the way home.


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