Oh sooo  bitter cold this morning. I took louis up the lane but we couldn’t get far as it was flooded again. Some drivers slow down to pass us and some enjoy soaking us with  their Bow wave as they speed  past. But  I must have looked a sight as my nose was running my eyes were streaming  the wind was so cruel. Louis had the right idea he dug his heels in and would not  budge. So we staggered home against the wind and rain . back indoors I had that nasty chest pain again. Not as when I had the attack last year but it does frighten me. But it wore off in the warm.

Another one of those senior moments. A jiffy bag arrived in the post for me today. I said  to Mavis i know what that is . I will open it later. So I propped it up in front of my screen. I had to  make a call and dig out some paperwork whilst on the phone so I  lifted my  drawer out to hunt for it. With all that sorted I forgot the jiffy bag. Later I was looking for it  . Do you think I could find it. NOPE. I  rechecked all my drawers shelves  everywhere twice. I even went out and  checked the trash can. Nope. I gave up , frustrated that I have no idea where it could have gone. mavis said i probably  put it away with the paperwork I  used this morning. No I said Ive checked. Check it again she said. Wow, Lo and behold it had stuck to the bottom of the drawer. So  when I put it back I never saw it. Problem solved. I am not going senile after all. Well I am really.


Mavis asked me would I declutter one of the kitchen drawers. Yes no trouble I said. Once I started I couldn’t stop. First it was all the stuff in the airing cupboard that she collected. All gone . Then all the units in the kitchen old  cutlery, glasses, pans, pots, plastic containers almost anything. Next all the lower  cupboards. redundant saucepans pots baking tins  . All gone. 3 giant black sacks in the skip. Old electric items we no longer use mixers  choppers  liqidisers old juicers.

I dread to think whats next. She did quietly mention  sorting her wardrobe. HMMMMM.

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