What a day. Up early  to walk louis. back  home change and get ready for an early trip to london. As usual time tables went to pot. But we got there. We had to meet a man from america who wanted to  meet Mavis. I was a bit  hesitant not knowing  what to expect. But it was to meet Mavis not me. So we made our way to the Waldorf Hotel.

We were early so we stepped inside ,had a joke with the Doorman and found a seat. We were looking for a 6ft tall  man with Red Hair. We were seated near  the reception desk and way down the room I spied a man in the crowd . He had red hair. I jokingly said that’s him. But he disappeared in the crowd again. Then he was at the reception desk close to us. I tried to hear  him  as he was talking.. But I detected an accent. So I  approached him and I could  see he was 6 ft tall and had rich red hair. Excuse me I asked him  if he was my man. Yes he said you must be ray. Yes I said and introduced  him to mavis. He whisked us away to a booked table for afternoon tea. We sat talking for  2 hours. What a lovely man. It was a shame to have to end the meeting. But  he had to fly to Holland at 6 pm so we had to say our goodbyes. With lots of promises to  connect again.

The journey home was as usual a nightmare chasing trains changing from one to another. we finally got home at 7.45 pm. Just glad to get home again.Mavis was so pleased to have met him, and she has had a smashing day. For me thats all that matters.


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