An expensive day today Mavis  said the washing M/C was making funny noises. So I went to  see it. Sounds alright to me I said. later she said  I think its packed up. So I took another look. This time it was acting up  not  spinning stopping and starting but not  fully. I said you did this on purpose because you want a new one. Well it is 14 years old. So after lunch a trip to Currys. Gob smacked  looking  down the rows of M/Cns the prices started at £799.00 I said at this rate it would be cheaper to replace clothes everyday. But as we walked on  the prices did get lower. But some were only  small loads and fast spin some higher loads and slower spins. She wanted a silver one to replace ours but  the only silver ones that fitted the bill were over £800.00. After a while she found a white one that  did what she wanted a £400.00 M/C Blimey nothings cheap anymore. We got seen to and   the guy said yes in stock do you want to take it away today. No thanks I said not with my back. Moving that could see me on my back for weeks. OK  when would you like it delivered. When ever we said Mavis got her diary out. He said tomorrow.

TOMORROW we said, yes no problem. OK great. But we would like you to install it and remove the old one. OK £22 delivery and £20 to  install and demonstrate it. OK So  with it paid for . We left a bit stunned that it was that simple. We have a track it reference and Ive just checked it. It’s in the Durham warehouse   . Its been processed as is ready for dispatch. Delivery between 07-45 and 11-45.Tomorrow.

After we had had our tea mavis poked her head in the den and said I hate to say this but the drier isnt sounding tooo good either. I just waved her away. If that goes aswell we are not going to get a lot of change out of about £650.00 in total. Well I said it was an expensive day didn’t I.

I hope those of you who  do my puzzles didn’t get put out too much yesterday when the website crashed. I spent a few hours re building it.Ive checked it several times  and it seems OK today. It’s not  quite the same as it was because I can’t remember. But I hope its close.



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