The nasty chemical taste in the new kettle has gone today. I think it might not be the kettle but  the Chloride  they put in our water. Some days its undrinkable. Thats what the new kettle tasted like.

Its been a better restful day . No interviews no cameras and lights in your face. Its been sunny and bright outside. We had big blue sky and fluffy clouds in the front and heavy black ones in the back. But its stayed dry.

Maybe my new android tablet will  come tomorrow. Its a trip to the clinic for  change of dressing on maves leg otherwise thats it. But who knows?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Ray we have just got a new kettle but a st. steel finish one with similar weird taste to the water. I think is something to do with the electric element. The tea tastes horrible. We also have a water purifier installed and its not our water. Its the kettle.
    Good luck to Mavis

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