wh (975 x 649)Wow what a weekend. I know it was for Mothers day but I enjoyed it too. We arrived at Tells and Nickys mid day  Saturday.  Its always good to see them again. We were looking forward to  Sunday as we were off to see War Horse. I had misgivings about it. We bought the DVD before Christmas. But we have not watched it. We knew it was a sad story. But on the Sunday after a late  rising because we had to c hange the clocks  for summer time.

WE set off Just after lunch on Sunday and we had to wait 20 minutes  before doors opened.  WE had good seats and sat and waited  for the start.

OMG what a story. Sad Sad Sad.  I was riveted. The fact that  it was all done with puppets was soon  forgotten . The Horse Joey  became alive  and real. I  cried all the way  through  the first half. After the interval part 2 started a bit slow as a lot  was in German. Although I  can understand a lot It was hard going. But once again  the story continued. I was shattered at the end of the show. I  cried all the way through part 2.

I  would recommend this to anyone.

I bet you cant guess what the jigsaw puzzle  for tomorrow is going to be.

An update on my ebay saga. I’ve still not seen my refund even though  it was received by them  5 days ago. After 5pm today I will get back to ebay and ask them to sort my refund out.

I  used my new pump yesterday. And it  worked perfectly. Much better than  my ebay disaster.

The car today is covered in  a red sticky sand. It is filthy. I can feel a Tesco  car wash  coming on tomorrow.


As I was up early today  I took Louis out  earlier than usual. Mistake. Lots of strangers about. First off we passed several  of the immigrant  pickers up the lane. Louis didn’t take to them. But we moved on. But on our return .Oh dear we have a problem Houston. Coming  towards us was a young  boy with an enormous dog. I panicked  stood and watched to see where he was going.  I  crossed over the road. He crossed over the road. With this dog pulling him along. He was about 10 or 11 and this dog was far to powerful for him. On top of that he had his ear glued to his phone. I  tried to hide in a farm gate way but the stupid boy  let his dog pull him into the gateway. By now Louis was terrified and going mad. I was shouting at the boy for gods sake stand still and hold that bloody dog. the lead he had was allowing  it to cover half the roadway almost blocking  our path. I could see  this ending in disaster. I  was now shouting at him. Put the bloody phone down and Hold that dog. Shouting at the dog to stay stay stay. Louis thought I was shouting at him . Chaos. We walked all over the mud on the other side of the road to get past him.  Once past him I looked back and the boy was walking backwards pulling the dog along all the time watching us.

I was shaking  when I got home. Shaking with relief that Louis was safe and shaking with anger that this 4 foot  child was out in public with a dog  that clearly he has little control over. The dog was a big black and white wolf like thing  it was big enough to be a husky type thing.

I often tell Louis that he is a fer woshus am inal. That  with  one quick click of those powerful jaws he could snap the head off an ant. And one stomp  of his paw he could kill a fly. Now he thinks he is a lion. But basically he is afraid of everything.

After my disaster recently on ebay. I decided to go to my local Halfords and get a tyre pump. Not a lot to choose from  . I ended up getting their  biggest most powerful pump. at almost twice  what I paid on ebay. But it has a bit more on it. Its 12v or 240 v mains its rechargeable and portable it comes with several adaptors and you can charge things with its built in USB. it has a light in front loads of buttons . I said I am not interested in gimics. I need a heavy duty pump  that will  give me 60/65 PSI with no trouble. He said this will give you up to  120 PSI . Any trouble bring it back.


6 pm Friday. No refund from Ebay  yet. Quick to take your money . slow to pay it back. I will leave it  till Monday  if  its not  done  then. Its back to ebay. The chances of me leaving  good feed back  diminish everyday. This firm have now sent me the instruction manual in English. It contains nothing  of any substance other than common sense. It contains nothing that even without it  I did not do.

The manual  in the new pump I bought today has more information and guidance in it,its much more comprehensive.

So watch this space.

I checked my ebay account and no refund in it yet. I hope by close of play today it will be in there and sorted.


A bit of a shaky day today.  I took Louis for his second walk  and we walked up the lane aways but Louis was uneasy  he kept stopping and looking back. Soon  round the bend I could see why. A group of  lads ,about  a dozen were not far behind us. So I thought these are the immigrant farm workers , I crossed over the road and headed  back . But they crossed over as well. Now I thought that was odd. But I kept a tight lead on Louis and crossed over the road again out of their way. And as we passed they were stareing at us. Most un nerving it was only the last one as he passed by made an attempt to  speak. I nodded a good morning back and they continued on there way. They all had napsaks on their backs so I  suspect they are the new groups  coming in . We have quite a lot of them here.

Anyway  a quiet day, no parliament or London trips a restyfull day I think. Mavis has been hard at work corolating all her info./


After a long Day in Houses of Parliament again we are home tired and hungry. Louis was  so excited when we opened the door  bless him. On the way  out this morning I posted  back the pump. WOW! The post office said it would be cheaper for me to  deliver it personally. £15.00 I was gobsmacked. 2nd class recorded. No wonder the post office was sold off. The paper today said they made 233 million profit  in first 6 month  this year. I made a large contribution to that.

As far as the pump is concerned I should have chucked it in the skip and saved my money .

its cost me 50%  to return it  which they wont pay for.

parliament  supplied  us with Tea and Coffee sandwiches and nice cakes. WE  did manage to get a seat on the train home so that was good.

So! Another day tomorrow.


A brilliant sunny morning. Me and Louis had a nice trot  up the lane. After he nearly had the postmans fingers in letterbox. bad boy.

Its a bit early yet to get a response from ebay seller.But I don’t expect an answer till about 5 tonight.

we took Louis out to the park again for a run around.

When I got back I had a response from ebay seller. After he read my carefully worded  message yesterday he didn’t really have much of an argument. He has agreed to  give me a refund. He probably thought I was some ignorant oink that he could bamboozle with bullshit and get away with it. But this ole chicken has seen off better  than him. I didn’t spend  35 years as a General Manager  for nothing.


Evening meal  done washing up  done now Ive re wrapped the pump ready to be posted back  to ebay seller tomorrow.

Another episode behind me. If all my  worries were that simple.


A quiet day today. Louis had his walks and we had some play time this afternoon . He loves a bit of rumble tumble. Bless him. Ive finished sorting the box of slides. Some have not copied very well and have needed some photo shop work to sort out the colours. Slides are a different animal than photos. But I am happy  with the converter that I bought this week. That’s more than can be said for the tyre pump. I wonder  what next week will bring. I have not had a reply from my last message on Friday. I must wait  till  29th  before I can ask ebay for  a decision. I liked Derek Davorns suggestion  that if I publish a link  on my web or here it could cause  the company a headache. Not sure how it works yet.

Just watched a very good  documentary on  chasing the tiger in Burma. That prompted me to see if the bridge over the river kwai was still there. Its got a new  stone and metal one now.