What a lovely day. Just like a spring morning. Our walk up the lane was a bit precarious. It had rained hard all night and the lane was Flooded. A 4 x 4 went past at speed just as we reached the deepest part whoosh louis and me were soaked. I think I saw the driver laughing  through the spray as he passed. But  then maybe he heard what I called him.

Later  mavis  had to go to the clinic for her leg. No more visits they said. Its healed up nicely. I remember when she first went it did look nastyt and we were woried about it. But now it looks quite normal. Soon we are off to another IATP  Presentation. I just wish they were not so far away.

I took my new tablet to the meeting yesterday. Just to try it out I made a few notes on it. Now that I am getting  used to it . It seems to be working well. I still like my ipad . But quite honestly its a shame that being a first edition I cant update the ios, so  new apps wont work on it. And I am not prepared to fork out around £400  for a new one. I think  Apple prices are at the top end of the market now. There is more competition about. To me the saying. Priced themselves out of the market springs to mind. OK Quality is good for apple. But for me it was about portability. I  wanted something up to date that was pocket sized. The Ipad 10 inch was not. the mini is but again price wise not so.


Wow! I think it may be good to  advise you that if you get sucked into Google+ and find you want out. Think  before you delete it. If you have videos on you tube  they will be disabled. Its a pain in the butt  trying to get them back.


I found this  to my cost this afternoon. I didnt like Google + instantly  saving  all my pictures and putting them into a Gallery??? I didnt want  that. So I opted to remove  google+ It said I can, without loosing any of my account  . NOT TRUE. It removed my videos.. I am angry.  **!! **!!___–**.

I took louis around the harbour  this morning for  another walk. Lots of  visitors out in the sunshine.


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